RJ Lewis Magic

Unique Variety Entertainment

     R.J. is also a Variety Artist whose remarkable skills (Magic, Juggling,  Fire-eating, Ventriloquism, and others) are combined with his stage shows or at multi-hour events, as the guests are entertained by his ever-changing repertoire.  

    R.J.’s most important skill is his flexibility and capability to be where he is needed when he is needed throughout an event using his talents not just to entertain people but to involve them.

    His show offers comedy, audience participation and a fun upbeat presentation that blends illusion with stories and humor. Audience members are never embarrassed or treated poorly, and even children can participate in his on-stage antics. He effortlessly interacts with the music and the catering to weave an afternoon or evening of ongoing entertainment .     

  R.J started his career as a street performer, literally taking his act to the streets.  In the rough area of Times Square in Manhattan, he polished his art and went on to develop exemplary skills.  His abilities earned him the prestigious International Beaux Arts Award for Magic Excellence in 1979 as well as in 1980.

   Seen by a casting director during a street show, R.J. went on to be featured in the Broadway Company of BARNUM  and complete the two year run.   He also got the chance to perform at the White House before President Reagan.

    He shifted his base to Atlantic City, and in a span of ten years there was not  a single casino where he had not made his presence known.

    His popularity on Broadway was just as noteworthy in the 1990’s, as he was contacted for choreographing magic for THE HIGH ROLLERS .  He was also a part of the production of BUSKER ALLEY which starred Tommy Tune.

     R.J. has appeared as a juggler twice on LAW & ORDER, and on the TODAY show three times.   In 2005, he was seen in the NBC hit show THE APPRENTICE as Uncle Sam on stilts.

      R.J is currently performing onboard the Ruby Princess ship, as part of the amazing Stephen Schwartz musical, MAGIC TO DO.  In the show, he sings dances and does astounding effects that beguile the audience every cruise.